We produce a great variety of models in glass:


Glass vases, glass pots, solitaries, flowers decorative parts, door pictures, pictures, cake glass box with cover, bases for candles, mini pots for well-married and souvenirs of parties, mini vases for decoration of tables, trays, cachepots, flower glass boxes, glass tables, mirrors, glass box with divisions, boxes of glass with divisions and cover, chocolate glass box, door pencil, parts for toasts, products all confectioned in glass colorless crystal, with excellent finishing, from new plates, glue with silica (silastic 732 Dow Corning), non toxic glue, being able to have contact with foods and specific stop to prevent emptyings and the appearance of fungs in the parts.

Ideal stops:

florists, candy designers, artesanato, candles, toasts, ikebanas, special gifts, baskets of gifts, souvenirs of marriage and promocional material.

Our products

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